Ellende is…

The austrian black metal project was founded in the year 2011 by L.G. as a soloproject and turned into a live project in 2012 with session musicians.

Vienna 2018 (c) by Shade Grown Eye Photography

current lineup:
P.F. – live drums, studio drums (Norikum, Nekrodeus, Black Yen, Ex-Rectal Rooter)
L.B. – live guitar (Norikum, Ziagnmölka)
D.B. – live guitar (Roadking, ex-Angels May Cry, ex-Psych, ex-Sidesplitting)
S.L. – live bass (Nekrodeus, Black Yen, ex-Blasphemist)
L.G. – vocals, songwriting, studioinstruments, designs (Svarta, Roadking, ex-Aphotic Excess, ex-Euterpe, ex-Verlies, ex-Nightforest)

further attendies:
A.K. – Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit (studio violine & viola)
G.R. – Ellende, Weltennacht (studio cello)
A.V.P. – Ellende (studio violine & viola) – live violine (2012-2013)
D. – live viola (2012-2013)
Norgrim – live bass (2012-2013)
B.H. – live bass (2013)

The band’s name comes from a Middle High German adjective originating from the West Germanic *alja-landja-, which can be translated as „being out of the(/one’s) country“. In the sense of „exiled“, this took on a negative connotation over time, reflected nowadays in modern German elend, i.e. „miserable“.

german article: Wikipedia


Releases by L.G.:

Aphotic Excess (Death Metal)
2011 – Demon of Life (EP)

Ellende (Black Metal)
2012 – Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit (EP)
2013 – Ellende (Full length)
2016 – Weltennacht (EP)
2017 – Todbringer (Full length)
2019 – Lebensnehmer (Full length) – to be released on 29. march 2019 by AOP Records

Studio collaborations of L.G.:

Roadking (Stoner rock)
2013 – Roadking (drums)
2018 – tba (drums)

Euterpe (Melancholic Jazz/Blues)
2014 – unreleased (drums)

Anomalie (Post Black Metal)
2014 – Between the light (guestvocals on „Recall to Life“)

Svarta (Black metal)
2016 – Lethargie (bass)
2019 – tba (bass)

Karg (Post Black Metal)
2018 – Dornenvögel (guestvocals on „Petrichor“)


Live appearances of L.G.:

Aphotic Excess (Death Metal)
2006 – 2012 (guitar, vocals)

Ellende (Black Metal)
2012 – present (vocals)

Nightforest (Black Metal)
2012 – France Tour (bass)

Roadking (Stoner Rock)
2012 – present (drums)

Svarta (Black Metal)
2015 – present (bass)