Ellende has released the first Single „Verachtung“ of the upcoming album TODBRINGERIN on 30. August 2024.

There will be following formats and limitations available:

– Deep Prussian Blue DLP (Bandcamp) lim.99 (sold out!)
– Bone Splatter DLP (Bandcamp) lim. 99 (sold out!)
– Royal Marble DLP (AOP Records) lim. 99
– Dragons Eye (AOP Records) lim. 99
– Malachite DLP (Napalm Records) lim. 99
– Black DLP (Bandcamp)
– Digipack with Poster-Booklet (Bandcamp)
– „Brass Death“ Longsleeve (Bandcamp)
– „Brass Death“ T-Shirt (Bandcamp)

L.G. writes on social media:

For explanation: Because licence of the old record are not completely ours, and additionally, all recordings were deleted by the former recording studio this is the only way that this album can be released again as a full re-recorded reinterpretation. Realized together with Markus Stock and Klangschmiede Studio E in 2023-2024. In our opinion this record hits the nail on the head. Packed with recent vitality and executed with refined abilities while also staying true to the atmosphere and devastation created in 2016. But decide for yourself.