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A short review and summary of an extremely turbulent year. This year had ups so high and downs so low we struggled to keep balance. Ellende played the highest quantity and biggest shows up to date while simultaniously not being sure how – and if – to proceed with live shows at all.

Then L.G.s brother died and life of the mastermind has not been the same anymore.

Our main driving force is, after all, your continous support towards this project and we mean it. Ellende was founded about 12 years ago in 2011 and is still writing music and doing live shows with the same passion as well as session-lineup since the very beginning. Until now there have been 7 records in total – 4 fulllength albums and 3 EPs so to speak – all packed with emotions. Ellende is devastation, rage and beauty in its purest form.
/ L.G.

There have been some new milestones, such as playing legendary festivals like Brutal Assault, Party San Open Air and Touring the United Kingdom with the help of our Booking Agency District 19. After six years we also returned to beloved Ragnarök Festival and many other established festivals and venues.

Above: Ragnarök Festival (DE), Party San Open Air (DE), Brutal Assault (CZ).
Below: In Flammen Open Air (DE), Mahlström Open Air (DE), Party San Open Air (DE), Tolminator (SI), War against War Festival (DE).

Charts and Streaming

Furthermore, Fans and Listeners managed to stream Ellende over 1 Million times on Spotify in 2023 after our latest album „Ellenbogengesellschaft“ has hit official german and austrian albumcharts (#31, #21) in 2022.


As it was not sure how to continue the journey in 2024 here’s a short summary of our decisions:

  1. Working on something right now to be released in 2024.
  2. One bigger tour, winter 2024 – more info soon.
  3. A few limited, well chosen live appearances beside.

So, Ellende will cut down single appearances and focuses more on touring to increase time for songwriting/art/main jobs/private life. Ellende is, after all, driven by strong intrinsic motivation but also condemned to remain a sideproject of L.G.s and the session musicians ambitions.


Also, the Bandcamp shop has reopened again in November with many exclusive articles, a more sophisticaed customer service and faster shipping process from germany through help of our dear label AOP Records. You can directly support the project by downloading releases, buying merch and following for future releases:

Ellende Alte Fichte Longsleeve
„Alte Fichte Longsleeve“ – Design (Pencil Drawings) by Mastermind L.G. aka „Farbbringer“.

2023 Statistics

KMs driven: 20 800 (excluding UK Tour)
Shows played: 26
Total shows played: 101


More music, information and insights:
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L.G.s Art on Instagram

Thank you and see you next year.
L.G. & Ellende