Ellende is very proud to hereby announce the cover, tracklist and release date of their third full-length and fifth release called Lebensnehmer, which will be released by AOP Records in march 2019! This album has a playtime of nearly 55 minutes and includes 8 tracks plus one bonustrack composed by mastermind L.G. and recorded at Audioriotrecordings in Bärnbach as usual featuring P.F. on drums and L.G. on all other instrumentation and vocals. Mastered at Iguana Studios Germany.

This album will come in various soundcarriers, more info to come!


Ellende Lebensnehmer

Ellende Lebensnehmer

Album: Lebensnehmer
Release: 29. March 2019
Playtime: 54:55


  1. Intro01:56
  2. Augenblick 07:01
  3. Die Wege07:06
  4. Ein Stück Verzweiflung05:03
  5. Der Blick wird leer06:41
  6. Liebkosung des Eiswinds04:54
  7. Du wärst eine schöne Leiche08:24
  8. Atemzug09:35
  9. Die Welt brennt und ich lieg hier nur (Bonustrack) 04:11