Ellende – Ellenbogengesellschaft (Full Album Stream)
  1. Ich bin
  2. Unsterblich
  3. Ruhelos
  4. Hand aufs Herz
  5. Someday
  6. Freier Fall
  7. Abschied
  8. Verletzlich

Shop (Purchase directly from the band): https://ellende.bandcamp.com/album/ellenbogengesellschaft
Linktree (Purchase, Streaming, Musicvideo): https://linktr.ee/AOPRecords

Thanks to the press considering „Ellenbogengesellschaft“ as „album of the year“ and „best Ellende record“ already.

Thanks to all involved into the production, such as Markus Stock & Klangschmiede Studio E, Oliver König & Mbience Visuals for the Musicvideo of „Abschied“, J.J. (Karg & Harakiri for the Sky) for guestvocals on „Ruhelos“, P.F. on Studio-Drums, Hanna, as well as the live-crew and all the other little helpers along the way.

Thank you all for your preorders, kind words and support!

L.G. & Ellende